2 Kings 2:9b

(NIV1984) 2 Kings 2:9b – “‘Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit,’ Elisha replied.”

Wow.  Out of all the things he asks for, all the things he could ask for, this is what Elisha wants?  Why this?  He’s been with Elijah.  Hasn’t he seen the flaws?  Why would he want that?  And yet, this is what he asks for.  Why?

Because even though he’s seen the flaws, he’s also seen what God has done through Elijah.  He’s seen the patient, enduring, obedient spirit that Elijah has been given.  We saw him run once out of fear, but even though he was afraid in the last chapter, we saw him stay and endure.  He was obedient despite the fear, even when God called him to return, to go back to the place where and of which he was afraid.  We saw him listen, and we saw that he knew God.

Why wouldn’t Elisha want not just one but a double portion of that?

Who wouldn’t want that?

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