2 Kings 1:13

(NIV1984) 2 Kings 1:13 – “So the king sent a third captain with his fifty men.  This third captain went up and fell on his knees before Elijah.  ‘Man of God,’ he begged, ‘please have respect for my life and the lives of these fifty men, your servants!'”

So Ahaziah tries again.  If I were him, I might have given up by now, but no.  Ahaziah is desperate.

And the differences between this third captain and the other two is made readily apparent.  He prostrates himself for Elijah, instead of commanding him.  This captain lowers himself humbly for Elijah, not thinking of his own authority – or even Ahaziah’s – because he is so afraid of Elijah.  The Scripture describes him as one who “begged” – not ordering or commanding Elijah about.  And he begs for Elijah’s respect – not just for himself but also for his men.

And he says more, but it’s worth just focusing on those early aspects of his humility.

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