2 Kings 1:11-12

(NIV1984) 2 Kings 1:11-12 – “At this the king sent to Elijah another captain with his fifty men.  The captain said to him, ‘Man of God, this is what the king says, “Come down at once!”‘
“‘If I am a man of God,’ Elijah replied, ‘may fire come down from heaven and consume you and your fifty men!’  Then the fire of God fell from heaven and consumed him and his fifty men.”

So, the second captain makes the same mistake – perhaps even more so.  There’s even more of an emphasis on what the king says and the immediacy of “at once!”  This man of God – Elijah – was to drop whatever he was doing and immediately go to see the king.  But that’s not how it works.  Elijah should only go if God tells him to go – not because the king says so.  And the past two captains haven’t noticed that.

They, and their men, have died for that mistake.

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