2 Kings 1:1

(NIV1984) 2 Kings 1:1 – “After Ahab’s death, Moab rebelled against Israel.”

Elijah’s coming back!  Elijah’s finally coming back!  This chapter!  He’s coming back!  I’m so excited!  But we still have a few verses to go before then, so let’s dig into them with eager anticipation!

Ok- I know, one verse, it’s short – but stil important just as every word in the Word is important!

So – Ahab is dead.  Dead and gone and done.  But he’s still having an impact because it could have said “During Ahaziah’s reign” – but it didn’t – it doesn’t.  It says “After Ahab’s death” and that’s kind of the setting for this, so we need to take it into account.  And these aren’t just the first words of this sentence or chapter but the whole 2 Kings book – it starts with the setting – “After Ahab’s death” and this rebellion of Moab against Israel.  So we need to take into account this importance, this weight.

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