1 Kings 22:36

(NIV1984) 1 Kings 22:36 – “As the sun was setting, a cry spread throughout the army: ‘Every man to his town; everyone to his land!'”

Did the cry spread because Ahab was dead?  Did they tell everyone to leave because of that?  Or was it just because it was becoming evening?  Did they fight at night?  Yet the cry seems to imply that everyone was going home and the war was off.  So…did they know Ahab was dying/dead?

And who made the cry?  Ahab’s charioteer?  Where did it come from?  If Ahab was just sitting in his chariot, watching the Arameans, who else would have known he was dying?  Once again, did Ahab even know that he was dying?  And who would have enough authority – other than Ahab or the king of the Arameans (Ben-Hadad?) to call the war off?  To make that kind of cry?  Did this cry also send the Arameans back home, or was it just an Israelite retreat?  Did Jehoshaphat, as the other leader, give the cry?

There is so much unknown here, but what is known is the important thing.

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