1 Kings 22:9

(NIV1984) 1 Kings 22:9 – “So the king of Israel called one of his officials and said, ‘Bring Micaiah son of Imlah at once.'”

Yeah…from what I’ve read so far, Ahab wouldn’t have been able to do that with Elijah.  He was amazingly good at staying off the radar.  But that was probably more of a God thing than it was Elijah.

Also notice how it’s switched from mostly calling the king “Ahab” to mostly calling him “the king of Israel”.  Is it because he’s acting in the capacity of his job instead of being focused on his personal life?

Anyway, Jehoshaphat’s words have caused Ahab to call for Micaiah.  He is a good influence to some extent.  But I also think it has a lot more to do with Ahab wanting to be a good king in everyone’s eyes than it does with Jehoshaphat having a good influence.

Ahab never wants to be seen as a bad king, but his actions made him one.

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