1 Kings 22:8b

(NIV1984) 1 Kings 22:8b – “‘The king should not say that,’ Jehoshaphat replied.”

Yes, I know this is short, but there’s a lot packed into this really small statement.

First of all, Jehoshaphat doesn’t say “You” should not say that, he says, “The king should not say that” (NIV1984, 1 Kings 22:8b).  There’s a focus on Ahab as royalty, as the ruler and leader of his people, as the king.  More than that, it is perhaps possible to take this as a generalizing statement – not only should Ahab himself not say that, but the king – in general, whoever he is – should not say that.  There’s perhaps also this feeling that either Jehoshaphat is afraid of Ahab and whispering it to himself – unlikely, since the next verse shows Ahab summoning Micaiah – or that Ahab listens just as much to Jehoshaphat about what a king should be as he does to Jezebel.  He’s a very weak-willed person, Ahab is.

Also – which part is it that Ahab should not have said?  I expect it’s that last bit – the part about hating Micaiah – a prophet of the LORD – or that Micaiah never prophesies anything good about him.

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