1 Kings 22:5

(NIV1984) 1 Kings 22:5 – “But Jehoshaphat also said to the king of Israel, ‘First seek the counsel of the LORD.'”

YAY Jehoshaphat!  Whereas Ahab would likely have just started planning and jumped right into strategy and battle-mode, Jehoshaphat takes out time right in the beginning to seek God’s counsel.  He follows in the way of the LORD and may be hoping to be a good influence on Ahab and – by extension – all of israel.  Or he may see in Ahab how he might have been if he didn’t know God.  Whatever the reason, in this case Jehoshaphat brings God into the forefront of the discussion – something Ahab should have remembered to do since it was God Who won him the first  mentioned battles with the Arameaneans in anyway.

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