1 Kings 21:8

(NIV1984) 1 Kings 21:8 – “So she wrote letters in Ahab’s name, placed his seal on them, and sent them to the elders and nobles who lived in Naboth’s city with him.”

Jezebel doesn’t let it look like she did it.  She makes it look like Ahab set it all up.  She could have used her name and his seal, but she didn’t.  That might have made Ahab look like a weak king.  I guess part of the interest here is that this is how Jezebel believed kings should act.  She was making Ahab into a king more like that of her people.  But the thing is that the king of Israel shouldn’t look like that – he should look more like God, more like Christ.  He should look more like David than Ahab did.

At the same time, I think – or part of me thinks – that Ahab was trying, to a certain point, to be a good king.  He just gave into his own reasoning time and time again, and he pretty much lets Jezebel do whatever the heck she wants – even up to killing the prophets of the LORD.  Ahab doesn’t listen to God very well.  He believes God when he’s given a command – he’ll even obey it! – but when left to his own desires, Ahab doesn’t call upon the LORD to help him – he trusts in his own strength – or Jezebel’s.  He listens far too often to this world’s conception of what a good king does or is or he gets frustrated and gives up when he tries to do the right thing (or what he thinks is the right thing) and either fails or doesn’t get what he wants.  God throws a lot of stuff at Ahab – and he does get to the point of believing what God says, at least – but he never gets to the point of trusting in God – and that is his downfall.

This is particularly convicting to me.  Like millions of people in the world, I have obsessive-compulsive disorder – and a lot of it is religious.  Often times, when it gets really bad, I start using the ocd to keep itself at bay.  That sounds really dumb and complicated, but the base theory is this: if I’m afraid to break the ocd, then I’ll obey it.  It’s basically using fear to keep more fear at bay – which is stupid.  My previous therapist called it “short-term” satisfaction as opposed to the “long-term” which would involve me fighting the ocd as is.  And me?  I’m terrified to do that.

But I guess I’m being convicted once again about how this is really working.  I’m often trusting in my own strength, my own logic to get me through something because I’m so afraid of consequences that aren’t actually there.  I don’t want to be like Ahab – I don’t want to be a leaf in the wind swaying wherever the ocd thoughts take me.

So I guess what I’m saying is I need your prayers…and I need God to get me through and out of this.

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  1. I’m praying for you my friend. Thanks for sharing this wisdom.

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